Don’t Drive Traffic To Your Myspace When Debuting New Material


I know we have kinda said this before, but I feel it bears repeating after seeing it in two friends Facebook streams this weekend. I know we all got in the habit of debuting our new material on Myspace over the years and that was part of the great hype of driving up your Myspace hits and making new fans. I regret to inform you though that this is the wrong way to do things in late 2009.

In the past if you debuted material on your Myspace it ruled since when
people liked it they would make you look cool by driving up your plays
and they would friend you which would lead to them seeing all the
annoying bulletins that you post. Since no one logs into their Myspace
anymore this no longer is the case. We all are having trouble with this
qualm since it is now not as easy to keep our fans up to date with what
we are doing since Myspace has fallen so hard. One way is to get them
to the social networks they do check!

What I suggest is posting the new song to your Myspace, Facebook,
webpage, ReverbNation, or whatever else you have but driving all the
traffic to one of the sites where you can capture fans info easily. If
you send people to your webpage you can try to at least get their email
address so that you can keep them up in touch. If you send them to your
ReverbNation profile you have the potential to turn them into a fan and
get their email to keep them up to date. If you send them to your
Facebook page you can hope that they will become a fan and see all your
news when they check their FB profile 10,000 times a day. If you send
them to Myspace while they may become a friend, they will probably
never check their profile and never see your update. Worthless.
Remember, we don’t just want people to hear your music, we want them to
stay in touch and hear what you are up to. If they don’t sign into
their Myspace they won’t hear what you are doing, so make your great
first impressions count! Welcome to October of 2009!

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.