Why You Should Never Contact Anyone Via Facebook And Always Use Email

It’s basically a given at this point that as time progresses, Facebook finds more ways to totally piss off it’s users with an “improved user experience” that makes all of us bemoan the fact that we need to use their annoying service. The latest in the line of the absolutely mind-boggling ideas they have had is to give you two inboxes – one for what they think are messages you might want to read and one for those it doubts you want to read. While this seems like a good idea, what this means when it comes to making business contact with people is that they are most likely not getting the message from you on Facebook. If you have not regularly contacted someone on Facebook and it does not think you are real friends it sends your message to a hidden inbox that the user you are messaging may never see. BRILLIANT, SERIOUSLY FACEBOOK THIS IS BRILLIANT. If my sarcasm is making you doubt how stupid this is, read Lifehacker’s new article on this ridiculous feature here.

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