#What???? The Musicians Guide To Using Twitter Hashtags And Search

wtf.jpgAs a Twitter user, you still may be confused about #hashtags and what purpose they serve. We have done the research for you and are going to explain how a Twitter hashtag and searching Twitter can help you.

Communication On Twitter
There are three basic modes of communication on Twitter:

  • dmusformation- if you were to type this it would send us at musformation a direct message. This would keep the whole world from being able to know what you are saying.
  • @musformation- is a public reply used when you have a comment or want to call out to another Twitter user.
  • #sxsw- is the designation for the hashtag for SXSW. Think of it as putting your tweet in a searchable catergory and calling out to anyone interested in that catergory.

WTF Is A Hashtag And How Do I Follow It?
A website named hashtags.org started this as a way to get more specific interests on Twitter. So for example at the SXSW festival those people looking for the latest happening party or the leak of a super secret event could tune into this “channel” and see what is going on. If your band was playing a surprise show @ 4 AM and you had a mounted Twitter army, you could perhaps get a greater turnout by flooding this channel with news of this event. This can be a crucial skill at the upcoming summer festivals.

People also go to the front page of Twitter and search under the “Trends” menu. This will show when there is a spike in activity in a topic or #hashtag. Since many of the hashtag names are not self explanatory, there is a site called Tagalus which keeps definitions and distinctions going between what hashtag means what. Here is a list of what hashtags are present in a search for music. If you have any ideas for hashtags that may be of help to the community feel free to start one up.

Twitter Search
If you are interested in searching Twitter for a specific subject and getting real time feedback you can also use Summize AKA Twitter Search. If for example, you are looking to buy a Native Instruments Maschine, you may be weary since there has been little customer feedback about the product since it just came out. You can search Twitter to see the most up to date information possible about what is going on with any subject. Inevitably you may see a lot of foriegn languages come up. On the right hand bar there is a simple click that will translate the Tweets into the language of your choice!

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Thanks to the always clever Alex Stils of the awesome band The Walk Ons for giving me great info on this subject.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.