What Musicians Should Know About Apple’s Snow Leopard Before Its Release Friday


Earlier today we warned you not to upgrade quite yet to Snow Leopard if you are a Pro Tools user, but this doesn’t just go for PT users. Any audio software may risk your system acting a little wacky if your software hasn’t been optimized for the new OS. As well the main bragging right of Snow Leopard is the 64-bit capabilities which no audio software has taken advantage of yet, so don’t go rushing into this. For those of you who don’t have audio software LifeHacker has a great tutorial on how to prepare your Mac for this awesome new upgrade. For those of you who who want some of these features but don’t want to screw with your audio software this may be the time to make your computer a dual-boot Mac with two operating sytems. If you want a real huge take on this situation and how it applies to DAW and synth software Create Digital Music has some great coverage.

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