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More in our never ending posts about Twitter! We last told you about #hashtags and how to use them, now we are going to introduce you to another tool using those cool little things. Meet and find out what to do with it after the jump.

Head on over to, and take a look around. As you can see this is like a chart and sorting for various catergories of Twitter feeds. This enables people who have a certain interest, for example music, to sort through Twitter accounts they may be interested in following. Once you get what it’s about, lets join up! In the top right hand corner there is a box that says “Add Yourself To WeFollow”, click that box! You will then be asked to “authorize your account.” You will then be asked to describe three tags you fit in under. #Music should be one and then take a look at their list of catergories and try to find specific ones that you fit in under. Using micro specific tags, you will have a better chance of people finding you such as “#powerpop” or “#NJpoppunk” can really help this site work for you. After that this site will do the work for you! You should take this time and look at what the other bands around you in your tags are doing with their twitter and how they are using it to help their band!

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