5 Ways The Music Industry Changed This Week

change.jpgIn our new feature we will give you a cheat sheet as to what you need to know about how the industry changed. We present you the knowledge you need to know to go on with your life in this industry to take advantage of this awesome new landscape!

  1. You Will No Longer Need To Pay To Press 1000 CD’s You May Never Sell! TuneCore added a service for CD distribution through Amazon’s
    CreateSpace. CreateSpace offers a on demand pressing
    and printing service for artists. When a
    CD is ordered at Amazon.com, they will manufacture a CD complete
    with a booklet, tray card and jewel box. (more at Hypebot)
  2. ReverbNation Is Paying Some Of Their Top Artists To Give Away Their Music For Free! 1000 of the 400,000 artists on ReverbNation have been offered a place in the company’s Sponsored Songs program. The songs will feature targeted ads, which is how the company will fund this venture. This will be one of the first huge forays into ad supported downloads for non-major label artists. (more at Hypebot)
  3. Jay-Z Is Free! Jigga somehow managed to negotiate a deal rumored to include getting his back catalog from IDJ, and getting out of his record deal one record early. This will further open doors for artists to get out of the grip of the Majors or in his case into a 360 Deal with another contemptible corporation.
  4. Hulu Begins Live Streaming Of Concerts! This will be the beginning of something that will become a popular way to advertise your live show in the coming years. Expect sites like Ustream to start being a place for smaller bands to regularly stream their live shows. (more at ARS)
  5. Musformation Begins Publishing The Wiki Chart As An Alternative To The Obsoleted Billboard Sales Charts! Not to brag, but we are pretty excited to bring the music industry updates of what people are really listening to, as opposed to charts of dwindling sales! Check out what we are doing here!

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

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