Watch George Massenburg’s Talk About Audio Fidelity

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  • Davey Wavey

    Crazy George! I can hear the Irish pipes playing in the background of his nostalgic mind.
    I don’t think we need a resurgence of rock n roll.
    Most of the problems George is talking about are due to the lack of development deals by the majors leading bands to come up with one good formula and touring behind it. Bands need to explore arrangements and come up with innovation not rehashing Badfinger for the hippies in the office. LOL
    Good fidelity in audio and good songwriting are unrelated. You can hear if a song is strong even if it’s an MP3.
    When a band comes up with a strong formula that they hammer then they end up lacking in the practice and open ended creativity of songwriting. You then put them on the road for a year or 3 and you have a sure fire method of stopping creative music from emerging.
    So now people are used to approving music by one hit wonder bands and move on to the next thing. The next band worth blogging about etc…
    Try this – try not marketing to teenagers but rather marketing to people who can enjoy new music their whole lives. Try giving development deals to original music makers.
    I honestly believe drummers have better metre now than they used to, and singers are more practiced and pitch perfect than those of yesteryear. We certainly have the recordings to prove it too.

  • Jesse Cannon

    Awesome, Awesome comment, you always kill it Davey Wavey!