Victory Records King Douche Tony Brummel Excercises Bad Taste Yet Again


Ahhh Victory Records a label that inspires ire from their own bands, anyone over 15 who has heard an Aiden record, and anyone in the music industry made aware of their practices. In his never ending quest to be thought of as the shallow mook of the music industry Tony Brummel sent Matador Records head Gerard Cosloy the graphic you see here after Cosloy’s house burnt down this week. The fire destroyed all of Cosloy’s possessions and killed his pet. Previously, Cosloy had made the graphic below which Brummel decided to send back to Cosloy with the tag of Karma on it. If Brummel is a strong believer in karma we are sure that one day the ways he has manipulated all of his artists will land his dick and balls on a chopping block. More at Pitchfork.

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