Using Torrents To Improve Your Band’s SEO

excited.jpgRecently my band finished recording a few singles and now we are finally ready to release them digitally.  In an attempt to put the songs everywhere we decided to post them on torrent sites to get exposure.  After posting on the first one on our list, Pirate Bay, we discovered an additional bonus to using torrents: SEO improvement.  Within a few hours of posting on Pirate Bay, my band received a Google Alert that the torrent we had at Pirate Bay was now registered in the behemoth’s search engine data base.  In fact, when searching my band’s name, Sensual Harassment, the torrent at Pirate Bay came up at number seven, above even our Twitter page.  This is a great (as well as legal) way to get your songs some exposure and the SEO results are certainly something to be excited about.