Using Last.FM To Promote Your Music

lastfmlogo.pngLast.FM is still one of the biggest online radio services on the net.
With the power of their scrobbling service they are also able to report
and show what listeners have been listening to. In addition to providing
a great recommendation engine for listeners they also have social
features that allow users to see what similar listeners are into and
make friends. All of this makes them a popular site for the kids of
today and if you are looking to market to them you need to make sure you
are making the most of your Last.FM profiles.

Seeing as this is one of the most powerful marketing tools we need to
make sure we use it to it’s fullest potential. The first way we do that
is by logging into their music manager. If your
group has already been scrobbled a lot you will need to go through the
claim process for your music. Once your group has been claimed you can
then upload your music. Once your music is uploaded you have three
options for your music and how it will be handled by Last.FM. You can
choose whether it will have a 30 second preview, full stream or if you
will allow it to be downloaded. These choices can be made by each group
as to their feelings towards free and promotion strategies (I tend to
err on full streams with no download).

Once your music is
uploaded one of the smart things to do is to take your blog’s RSS feed
and import it into the service so that your fans will always see the
latest news when they come to the site.

Promotional Campaigns
Jango you can use Last.FM as pay-to-play promotional tool for your
music (see our guide on how to use Jango if you are interested in doing a Last.FM promotion). If you click on Last.FM’s promotion tab it will allow you to make
a PowerPlay plan for your music where you can target artists who are
similar to you. Last.FM will choose some artists who are similar to you,
but it is usually smart to choose your own. If you have already run a
Jango campaign for your music you can take a look at your Fan Overlap
and find great suggestions for which groups to add to this list.
The one downside to Last.FM is their pay-to-play rates are much more
expensive than the other sites. While they do have a much bigger
audience than the rest these plays will also disappear fast.

Making Friends
you gain listeners and fans write in the shoutbox on your page you can
try to gain their email addresses and get them on your other social
networks. If you see people leaving you shouts you can leave them shouts
back and advertise what ever you are currently promoting.

way to promote your music is to find similar groups and leave their
fans shouts that tell them that they may like your music. Whether you do
this to new or old fans the smart things to do is to get them to follow
you on Facebook or on to your email list. No matter what if you
interact and make friends on Last.FM you can surely grow your fanbase
and win points in your community.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.