Use Straight Pedal Couplers To Reduce Shorts In Your Effects Chain

hosa_straight_coupler.jpgI’ve always heard people say things like: “Use cable brand X for your guitar or bass pedals and you’ll never have any trouble again”.  But after playing guitar for over 15 years, I feel like I’ve tried every cable under the sun and while some certainly work better than others (and last longer), I always want to minimize the chance that I can get a short somewhere in one of my cables.   Onstage or in the practice room, it’s one of the most embarrassing things to deal with standing over a mess of cables trying to find out which one is the culprit.  It’s not always possible, but when I can, I try and use
straight couplers
to connect my pedals (this works a lot easier on Boss and Ibanez style pedals).  Having this one small metal piece go from pedal connection straight to pedal connection offers a lot more security than the alternatives.  In addition, these small connectors are a real bonus when you’re dealing with a small chunk of real estate for your pedal board.   

  • eric schnare

    For all tone buffs out there, the max amount of shielded (guitar) cable you can run is 30ft before getting some signal loss. Using couplers cuts down on all the in between footage and allows you to run proper cable length.
    Planet Waves makes really good (a little pricey depending on where you buy) couplers and also offers offset ones encase you’re running anything other than ibanez or boss pedals.