Unsolicited Press Releases: DON’T SEND THEM – EVER!

bike_fail.jpgWe love our readers and we really love hearing from most of you, but nearly everyday Musformation gets plenty of unwanted/unnecessary email. Certainly some are more annoying than others, but our very favorite emails are unsolicited press releases (especially for albums reviews).  As you’ve probably noticed, Musformation doesn’t (and has never) reviewed albums, singles or shows. Even worse, the press releases are not just from individuals and tiny labels, but from large and “reputable” record labels (although we’re tempted, we won’t embarrass them here). In a move that might be the very worst, we also get physical CD’s (in case you’ve forgotten, the year we are talking about here is still 2010) in the mail (often with classy cracked cases). Yes, this is what the brain trusts at certain record labels are still doing – not sending a link to an album stream with a personal letter of introduction addressed to the relevant party, but an actual CD sent in the mail (imagine the money being thrown right out the window – and guess who pays for that?)  

Not only do unsolicited press releases get you nowhere, but sending them to the wrong parties are the biggest waste of time/money you could possibly imagine. Personal relationships are what make or breaks bands and whimsically sending out mass press releases blindly usually ends up pissing people off.