Twitter: Some People Are Doing It Right

Alright, this post is a bit of an excuse to post one of the funniest videos ever! Though this video isn’t totally accurate since some people have found how to use it right! Wired has written an article with two great uses of Twitter for bands. One of these examples involves the band Moonalice and a recent live performance. I’ll let Wired explain.

“The San Francisco Bay Area sextet used Twitter to broadcast, so to
speak, its self-titled debut’s April 3 release concert at Slim’s in San

After each song, Moonalice’s sound team digitized, uploaded and tweeted it
before the next tune was finished. The idea was such a hit that
Moonalice has decided to do it again, this time on Saturday in Redwood
City, California.”

Check out the whole article here, and if you are still confused about Twitter read the half a dozen articles we already have written about it.


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