Twitter Sells Records

jew twitter.jpgTopspin Blog, has an interesting report this morning about Jimmy Eat World’s success selling their latest release through Twitter. It also delves into the way it helped artists like Arcade Fire see a resurgence in sales for their latest DVD. Despite reports today that 60% of Twitter users never come back after the first month, it seems Twitter is doing some good for artists.

“Twitter accounted for just over 20% of the sales – the number three
revenue driver – of a new Jimmy Eat World album on the first day of its
release. The takeaway? Results will vary, but some artists will have
the right message, the right product and the right group of fans to
create good results. In this case, the band had over 200,000 Twitter
followers, mentioned the album many times before its release and
created a hash tag (#claritylive) so fans could comment on the release…It’s as if you were in a record store looking at the new Jimmy Eat World release and 1000 people standing next to you told you how good it was.

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