Twitter Search Limit Work Around

twitter_fail_whale.jpgThose who use Twitter a good bit (if you don’t, our detailed guide is here)
have discovered that there is a limit to the number of
searches you can do within the site.  We keep hearing from you guys having trouble with this feature. You’ll find this when you are
searching for people to follow.  Twitter doesn’t mention why they do
this or the exact number of searches it takes, but we feel it’s
probably to create slow steady growth as opposed to the kind of
adding/spam that occurred on Myspace.  Naturally, we have discovered a
way around this.  After logging in, simply use Twitter Search
to find your people and then add them.  You don’t always find the
person at the top of the search list (because it searches all tweets)
but most of the time this avoids the search limit and lets you spam add who you really want! For more tips on find people on Twitter follow our instructions here.