Twitter Advertising For Musicians

Twitter has rolled out advertising options, that users can take advantage of. There are two options for the type of campaign you would like to run.

  • Promoted Account – This will make your account show up in suggestions to users for who to follow. These will be users, who follow users similar to you (at least in Twitter’s eyes).  For $1 a day Twitter says you can expect 3-5 new followers a day. This is great for musicians looking to be suggested to potential fans and especially musicians with an established fanbase who have never really promoted their Twitter account.
  • Promoted Tweets – You can choose one of your Tweets to appear in potential fans Twitter Timeline. This can be a way to tell new fans about your new single or just an introduction as to what you do. For $1 a day you can expect 3-5 clicks.
  • Geo-Target – If you are only interested in promoting in a certain location you can geo-target your promotions.
For as low as $30 a month this could make a difference in introducing new, potential fans to your music.


Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

  • Chris Seth Jackson

    Or you could buy TweetAdder for a one time payment of $50 and gain up to 50 new followers a day. Way cheaper and still targeted.

    I rarely see promoted tweets that I want to follow or participate with. I wonder if there are any case studies of actual bands using this?

  • Jesse Cannon

    Great comment Chris! I think the rollout for small budgets (as opposed to big corporations) just started. I am with you, I have yet to ever see a promoted Tweet I care about. Especially since most of the one’s I see come from Mitt Romney.

    • Ayn Rand

      I heard Mitt Romney plays bass in Jesse’s alt country band!

      • Jesse Cannon

        Hey Ayn, Have you heard our record, Live from Fulsom Tax Evasion Prison? It’s streaming on our Geocities and Angelfire profiles.