Tweet You/Your Bands Music Video And More Ways To Use Twitter!

twitterdirect.jpgDid you make an awesome video for your band and now want to share it with the whole world? How can you do that if you can’t post it in the mode that the whole world now communicates in? I am talking about Twitter of course! Well now thanks to Vidtweet you can post videos from sites like YouTube and DailyMotion. Now all of Twitter can see that video your band made of you hanging out with underage girls in your van your fans after a show. Speaking of your shows… Next time you are wondering which song to play live next time why not put a Twitter vote? Twitter trailblazers Jimmy Eat World have done just that. They are asking you to choose which song should they play at the KROQ weenie roast by using a #hashtag voting system. Check it out below:

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