TuneCore Makes Big Changes (Quietly)

Last week TuneCore tweeted out a blog post that unveiled a lot of changes they have slowly been working on, that they now call TuneCore 2.0. While some are not happy about some price increases, it does look like they have added some great stuff to their service, we have the list below:

  • • distribution into unlimited stores for every release (as opposed to a per-store charge)
  • • unlimited songs on an album (as opposed to a per-song charge)
  • • faster live times
  • • marketing and promotion of releases to the stores for placement
  • • marketing and promotion of artists and their music to brands
  • • Apple Artist Ping pages
  • • streaming media players which tie into YouTube/Twitter/Flickr, and much more
  • • faster takedowns
  • • faster accounting periods
  • • changes to album art, song titles, genres, and so on, after a release was already live in a store
  • • more digital stores
  • • faster (and simultaneous) uploads
  • • the ability to playback a song after it’s uploaded
  • • accepting different lossless codecs on the songs (.wav, .flac, and so on)
  • • moving iTunes trending reports to daily from weekly
  • • a mobile app that can display iTunes trending data
  • • educational information on copyright/publishing
  • • faster response times from Artist Support
  • • without paying for distribution, the ability to upload music and art and have us store it
  • • the ability to download assets or send them around in a SoundCloud-type way
  • • the ability to give away a song for free in exchange for an email address
  • • tracking streams from the TuneCore streaming media player
  • • delivery of a .PDF booklet bundled with a release
  • • an automated system that pre-IDs any entry errors which might have Apple reject the release
  • • an artist MySpace Music ID finder that auto-connects the release to your TuneCore distribution so you get paid on streams
  • • huge increases in clarity and organization of sales data display,
    showing up to 14 places to the right of the decimal with custom reports
  • • TuneCore-branded compilation albums made available for free download via Amazon and other places
  • • TuneCore charts
  • • direct deposit of revenue into bank accounts
  • • for those that want it, data feeds to label A&R staff
  • • master/synch placement
  • • volume discount packages
  • • Twitter customer support (a late addition)

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

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