TuneCore Explains Copyright 101

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  • Thetruthisoutthere

    Sorry guys but this video is just bull.

    Jeff Price is presenting the only answer to a problem that doesn’t exist. And the solution is to pay him 50 bucks of our hard-earned money.

    After the price hike, all Tunecore catalogue being pulled from Amazin EU/UK at Jeff’s request and the list of stores they won’t work with due to his ego…. The time has come.

    Jeff goes or Tunecore goes.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t follow the comment? 

    First, all artists need to know their rights and how they make money.  
    Second, all artist deserve to get paid all their money
    third, anything we can do to make things better for artists should be done
    fourth, not sure why you made up the thing about Amazon – TuneCore asked Amazon EU/UK if it had the appropriate licenses and was making all the payments to the artist as required by law.  Its response was to temporarily take down the 5th most valuable music catalog from Amazon in the EU and the UK 

    Im not certain why you don’t want artists to understand their rights and I really do not understand why you do not want them to get their money.

    We do.


  • Hollywoodwood

    TUNECORE SUCKS! A 150% price hike was unfair. An I for one could care less about the new “trend reports” offered as part of the inflated robbery. I will promote Tunecore’s unfair business as much as I can every week, seeking out any blog who writes about them. I’ve spent many hours re-listing my album using other (more fair) services. I also asked Tunecore for my money back for album credits I purchased on sale right before they had their price hike. (Yes, I was duped, and I am pissed.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/krisakarcher Kris Karcher

    you tell him jeff!