TopSpin Finally Gets A (Awesome) Website!

Topspin site.jpg

TopSpin is one of the most exciting things about the new music industry. Between being praised by Trent Reznor as the example of how artists should be approaching their music today and working with some of the most  awesome releases today they got time to make a website that explains what they do as opposed to just a blog.

They describe themselves as a technology driven platform for direct-to-fan marketing, management and distribution. What does that amount to in English?

  • Probably the best designed embeddable widget in the business. With the ability to play songs, videos, and buy music in a fast and easy format. Bands like one of our favorite no triumphs of not having a label victory, Metric put this widget on their websites front page Myspace, etc. Even you can put it on your site if your just a enthusiastic fan like me.
  • The ability to see data about where your fans are and how they behave. When you are independent you are able to hold on to this data and hold on to it for your whole career rather than having to try to get it from the fourth person who was in charge of your bands marketing while you were signed to a label.
  • Help in delegating physical sales and physical distribution.
  • Getting a little quote happy from their site: We help you catalog and sell your content in the highest quality
    formats (lossless audio and HD video, if you’d like), including any
    digital products you’d like to offer (we’ve had artists include images,
    PDFs, screen savers, Flash movies, and more in their packages). You can
    also sell physical merchandise – you’ve probably seen artists sell
    t-shirts, tote bags, signed posters, phone calls and in-person meetings
    via Topspin over the past year. The Topspin platform makes it simple
    for you to combine digital and physical goods together into unique
    packages and price points to appeal to a broad range of fans. This is
    far beyond the $0.99 download in terms of value to you, the artist, as
    well as to your fans; the options are limited only by your creativity.
  • A whole lot more! TopSpin is unfortunately choosey about who they can work with but this doesn’t mean you can’t learn from their awesome ideas and bring it into what you are doing. Study this site, they are the future!

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.