TicketMaster Sued Over Disgusting TicketsNow Service

howpricy.jpgTwo NJ music fans have filed a class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster for their disgusting price inflation practice by using their own service TicketsNow to manipulate consumers into paying higher fees for tickets that should be readily available to the public at a decent price. We have covered Tickemasters abuses in the past in regards to a recent Bruce Springsteen concert, that may lead to legislation brought on by New York Senator Charles Schumer. The suit claims:

“This artificial manipulation of the market price for tickets results
in purchasers having no choice but to pay grossly inflated prices for
tickets, just minutes after the tickets first become available to the
public… In numerous prior instances in events for Phish, the Grateful Dead, CQ Radiohead, Hannah Montana and numerous others. No remedy has been offered to consumers by Ticketmaster or
TicketsNow for the conduct related to the sale of tickets for any other
concert or event,”

(via nj.com)

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