Ticketleap Makes Selling Tickets For Small Venues Easier For Promoters And Bands


Selling tickets for small bands is a time consuming pain in the ass. If you are playing any of the many mid-sized or small venues that ask you to meet ticket quotas to play with national acts you probably spend a significant amount of time getting tickets to buyers and keeping track of things. That can begin to be minimized with a new service called TicketLeap. This site will also allow promoters to take credit cards at the door by using nothing more then a laptop. While it seems some of these services could also be accomplished by using the MobileRoadie iPhone App, where TicketLeap takes it to the level is, you are able to choose whether the customer takes on the service fee ($.97 a ticket), as well as providing accountability and promotional tools for your events. Pretty awesome!
(via Christian of Royal Crime Syndicate)

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    YEA! TicketLeap RULES!