Though Josh Olson Will Not Read Your F*cking Script You Should Read This For The Sake Of Your Music

douchebag.jpgAt some point you are going to have to ask someone to listen to your music. Unfortunately, many of the people with power in this industry are bored and jaded and don’t have the most positive outlook on new music. Now apply this to the film industry where you need to read scripts which requires your full attention, unlike music which you can listen to while multi-tasking. It is no wonder that Josh Olson is so bitter about his time being wasted by unsolicited submissions. Despite this being a somewhat crazed rant by someone who clearly needs another assistant, this meme is flying around the Internet is a great read for anyone who has to hand their music to someone, in order to understand what the person on the receiving end goes through. It will help you to understand that sometimes when you see someone you barely know it isn’t the best idea to hand them your demo instead of going through the appropriate channels to get them to hear it. Read and learn.

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