Thom Yorke Disses The Music Industry – We All Reblog It

thomeyorkebeach.jpgThom Yorke + Music industry diss = Page view generating meme. Thom Yorke said some stuff you would be shocked he would say, he has never ever been resentful to the music industry or said something that everyone has quoted from Appetite For Self Destruction. but every website has to repeat it because it generates clicks (lock us up). If you are obsessed with Radio Bro, read away below or go to buy the new issue of The Believer for the whole deal.

“I’m happy to see the CD format disappear. But what about laser discs? I mean, I always hated CDs. Me and
Stanley [Donwood] always hated CDs. Just a fucking nightmare,” he said,
adding later, “there’s a process of natural selection going on right
now. The music business was waiting to die in its current form about
twenty years ago. But then, hallelujah, the CD turned up and kept it
going for a bit. But basically, it was dead.”

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