There Is Hope For You! Band On A Tiny Indie Label Makes It On To MTV Daylight Hours

Perhaps you have heard of Screaming Females? They are getting a ton of press for their spazztic-Minutemen-like punk sound. This press continued last week when they played in the middle of a summer day for all the kids watching MTV on their summer break on the very popular MTV show It’s On With Alexa Chung. We previously reported that Ms. Chung had Metric on, who are signed to their own label. It seems It’s On is becoming a oasis in MTV’s programming for cool indie bands getting exposure thanks to Alexa’s awesome wits and tastes. While Metric had previously had a large indie behind them, Screaming Females have only the might of a tiny-tiny indie label by the name of Don Giovanni behind them. Everyday the playing field evens out even more for the small bands to break through!

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