The Whole Story On Performance Rights


Yesterday, we talked about Jack Ely, singer of the very famous song “Louie, Louie”, who recieves no royalties for his performance. Today, The Future Of Music Coalition has written a very insightful article as to the whole story of why artists like Jack, see no royalties in these instances. From the article:

“Nearly every other industrialized nation compensates songwriters and
performers for the over-air broadcast of their work — notable
exceptions include Iran and North Korea. That’s not what you’d call
great company… Second, it’s helpful to look at how this royalty would break down.
The featured performing artist receives 45 percent of the total monies,
which is paid directly to the artist — meaning it doesn’t go to the
record company to be held against debts incurred to the label (aka
“recoupables.”) 50 percent goes to the sound copyright owner (usually
the label, but in some instances the artist).”

All of this and plenty more over at The Future Of Music Coalition

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