The Thrice Leak And What We All Need To Learn From It


You may have heard through the music industry grapevine that the band Thrice – an influential indie prog metal band – had their record leak nearly three months before it’s release date. The release was available for streaming to a few music industry insiders and even had a voiceover track on the top of it to water mark it. This did not stop a web proficient hacker from going into Vagrants server and snatching it up.

What now? The band just released a statement that they will be releasing it digitally ASAP but the album artwork isn’t even finished so there is no chance to get it out in it’s physical form. Obviously this will have a huge impact on potential sales from a band with a large and rabid fanbase who has been at it for years.

What is the record industry to do about this? It is time for us to forget this pissing contest and first sales week garbage. Join the Internet age and realize the first second anyone can stream a song they want it and are used to getting it. Do not make the songs able to be heard until you can release it. For further reading:

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  • Tim

    Eh…three months, not three weeks

  • Jesse Cannon

    DOH! Corrected thanks for the catch Tim!