The Pitfalls Of “Like” For A Track On Facebook

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With Root Music and ReverbNation releasing features on their Facebook Apps that mandate you must Like the band’s page in order to stream a track, many people are excited to take advantage of this new opportunity to create Facebook Like counts. However, there are some hidden pitfalls of this new feature that can prevent your music from being discovered by as many people as possible. Many people can be annoyed by the idea of they need to Like you in order to find out whether they actually like your music or not. If all of your tracks are set up that you need to “Like” your page in order for someone to decide if they do indeed actually like your music, you may be turning off potential fans who never click the button and find out if they actually like your music and want to become a fan.

While the temptation of growing your page’s Like’s is a tempting lure, ultimately what you are trying to do is get as many people to discover your music as possible. If you make all of your tracks a trade for this Like you are never going to make new fans who refuse to take part in that trade. One solution is to post many tracks to your page and for those people who are actually your fan and have listened to a few tracks, you can then make them Like your page in order to listen to more tracks. Doing this after the third or fourth track can ensure that these people are fans enough to get through a couple of your songs and in fact give them the reminder to Like you. As MySpace dies Facebook will become an even stronger tool for fans streaming and discovering groups making sure everyone who is interested enough to check out your music actually hears it is a crucial channel you need to maximize. Don’t close off the gate to fans who are unwilling to say they Like you before they know that they actually like you.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

  • Craig

    Personally, don’t like when I have to “like” a song I haven’t even heard yet. Of course artists & bands want as many FB Likes as possible, but this just doesn’t feel right to me. We have a thing on bandcamp where you can listen for free. To download you either name a price you want to pay or enter your email address (or both). Seems to work well. I run a blog about home studio recording over at

  • Anonymous

    Requiring a ‘like’ to listen to any of a band’s songs is a huge turn-off for me. I usually just get annoyed and forget about the band, or, if I really want to hear them, I will look for them on other websites and will typically forget about their Facebook page or ‘liking’ them.