The new MicroKorg XL keyboard

microkorg_XL.jpgIt’s official that Korg has released a new version of the MicroKorg called the MicroKorg XL. From the videos we’ve seen, it is difficult to compare how it stands up to the original MicroKorg (one of the most popular and most versatile keyboards of all time), but like many of you out there, we are anxious to find out. The clip (after the jump) is the best we’ve found to showcase the keyboard’s sounds.

What we can tell is that the MicroKorg XL has new body that seems a little sleeker and sports a different synth engine than the original (which we’re not yet sure is a good thing). We also know that the XL version has a 16-band vocoder, compared to the original 8-band. If any of you have played it, we’d love to hear about it.