The Musician’s Guide To Twitter: Your Band Using Twitter Right Part 5


Twitter is growing fast and everyday more and more bands are joining up! As it matures, people are finally learning to not post everytime they eat a meal and learning to do more cool things with it that actually will make the site a helpful tool instead of a bunch of people pretending someone cares that they just went to the gym. Follow me to the jump and I will show you some of the awesome new ways you can use Twitter for the 5th time.

How Do You Get More Followers?
That’s what everyone wants to know! OK, remember the Myspace days where you would go find another band who is similar to you and friend all of their friends? Same thing applies. A bunch of studies have shown if you follow people they are likely to follow you back. But remember if you post a bunch of useless crap they are likely to “unfollow” you or look at your Twitter feed and see it is a bunch of boring garbage. The smart thing to do is find bands who sound like you and are local to you on Twitter and just start following all of the people following them. If you take a look, Million Media even made a graph of their results trying this and we all know graphs don’t lie.

twitter followers.png
Bands are always asking me to write their bio/press releases for them. Many people in bands are in them because they did not enjoy doing this type of thing in school. What I tell them to do now is to outsource this task. Why not ask your Twitter followers if they want to do it? Fans love being a part of the artists they love and you may even get multiple bios with a few different good points in each which you can compile into one amazing bio. This is much better then someone like me who is way too busy to write your bio and rushing it. This isn’t limited to bios either, you can ask your followers for help with many different things, whether it is booking help, places to hang out in a town you are staying in, or whatever you can think of.

Upload A High Quality Version Of Your Song For Mass Twitter Consumption
Filetwt is a site that allows you to upload files directly to Twitter. What this means for you is that after a show where you do a live recording you can load it into your laptop and start tweeting audio or video of the set. Did you do a special cover song that night and got a great recording of it? Why not show your fans what they can hear if they come see you live? Have you made one of your songs available for download? You can also allow the world to download it through Filetwt. The maximum file size is 20 MB so you can do a 320 Mp3 of any reasonable length song. The possibilities for this tool are endless!

Update Your Twitter And Facebook At Once
Let’s be honest, one of the most annoying things of doing the hustle work in music today is keeping up with all these damn social networks. You can cut these annoyances down by using sites like Ping.FM to update all your social networks at once. However Ping can be hard to negotiate at times, if you have lost interest in Myspace you can just update your Twitter and Facebook at once through this FB App.

Don’t Listen To The Founder Of Twitter
Recently the founder of Twitter gave an interview to the journal of useless music industry knowledge Billboard giving 5 Twitter tips. Unfortunately one tip was more about growing his business/serving his corporate interests than helping your band. Biz Stone’s (SRSLY we are expected to trust a guy with a name like that???? WTF!) advice was:

“Unlike an artist’s blog or other online presence, where it makes
some sense to share only the most important news or entertaining
posts, on Twitter waiting for something really important isn’t
necessary–if folks are following you, then they want to know
anything and everything.”

Do not Tweet everything that comes to your mind, people are becoming increasingly intolerant of boring crap about your lunch or changing diapers on Twitter. You will be unfollowed or added to the following but not reading section on the users desktop Twitter App. Odds are most people who are following you are watching because they have at leats slightly heard of you or something drew them in but they don’t know you well enough to want to hear that your guitarist just farted in the van and it stinks. If they want to hear that they will hang out with their boyfriend. Biz Stone’s business is keeping you on Twitter posting as much as possible, our business is helping your band. Trust me, this is BS!

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Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

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