The Musician’s Guide To Twitter: What Do You Post About? (What Am I Doing On Twitter?)

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Last time we discussed why you should be on this Twitter thing. Now we have to learn how to use it! Since Tweeting is now so necessary for you to be doing, we need to get you to do it properly, effectively and often! Let’s learn how to Tweet!
If you haven’t read Parts 1 and 3, Click Away!

What Do You Post About?
  • Show your bands personality, talk about things that make your band unique, show something awesome you found on the internet! Show people what you are interested in.
  • Some people like Lilly Allen tell you everytime they eat breakfast,while this may be all that is on your mind, this gets old real fast and can lose you followers real fast!
  • Tell people what you are listening to! This is one of the quickest ways to bond with fans.
  • Announce news about you/your band! Think of these as short myspace bulletins! Minus posting about how bored you are!
  • Look what other bands are posting! Learn and evolve this new form of communication!
  • Link awesome pictures of what you are doing and things you find of interest to others
  • Remember you are trying to gain fans here, not tell everyone how stupid they are and how great you are. Don’t start stupid fights, or call people offensive names.
  • Do more then just self promote, tell people about the things you find awesome in life, whether it is how much you like the Gumbo at Great Jones Cafe in Manhattan, or a general life musing. 
  • Use the @jessecannon terminology and click reply to friends tweets. Discuss things, talk about last nights show, share similar experiences.
  • Show you are friends with other bands you are indeed friends with! This helps both of your bands to gain fans by each of your own fans seeing that you are on friendly terms
  • Use this as a place to learn; Ask questions publicly so everyone can see the answer!
  • ENGAGE YOUR FANS! Don’t know which song should get cut from your set list next tour? Why not ask your fans? This will also show all of your fans followers that they are enthusiastic towards you. This is one of the greatest things about this new social network! 
How often should you twitter?
When you have something interesting to say is my personal opinion. Some people say you should tweet every 24 hours and Twitter even has a nudge feature where they will text you if you haven’t Tweeted in 24 hrs.
Next time we will discuss some advanced Twitter concepts, in the meantime start using this thing for what it is good for!

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.