The Musician’s Guide To Twitter: More Twitter Tools And How To Use Twitter Part 4

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It’s been a month since we gave you three lessons in Twittering! Since then, technology sure has moved fast! There’s tons of cool new stuff going on on Twitter that can help you/your band dethrone that Punk’d loser as the king of Twitter. Follow me to the jump and we will catch up!

Since we last spoke there’s been a few cool new Twitter Inventions! Let’s check them out!

Dora is a Last.FM/Blip.FM like service that will Twitter whatever you are listening to. This will let your fans know who you really are and see you are not a robot that just makes music from thin air. It will Tweet whatever you listen to on Pandora! If you don’t listen to music on Pandora you are missing out, but that is besides the point.

Have a legal question that is so dumb you don’t want to pay a lawyer for? Can you say it in 140 character or less? Then Tweetlaw may help you out and save you some money. There are tons of young law students on Twitter just looking to show off that education they paid a billion dollars for!
This is a URL shortener. You already use TinyUrl, so you are set, right? Well this one is a bit cooler. Let’s say you are sitting around Twitter all day and someone links something with a Tinyurl link. You have no idea where you are going on this world wide web. preserves the link root. WTF does that mean? It means if you were to Twitter this article with it would read “”. This way people know if they really want to go to your link or not. As Twitter spammers become even more rampant this will become very important.

Is different then Twitter Search. If you are looking to solve  a Pro Tools problem or find out if anyone is liking Maschine. Instead of seeing the feedback of any old Twit with an opinion, Tweefind will take into account how many followers this person has. This is supposed to show that they have clout, rather then just being bored and Twittering anything that comes to their brain. Like this guy!

Is a website where you can see what is going on locally! Duh! How is this important to you? If you have a day off on tour this can help you find something to do for the day. See people who may be interested in seeing your band in a small town, maybe Tweet them a link, especially if they are posting how bored they are on a Friday night.

Tweetie For The Mac
Tweetie has long been the Go-To-App for Twitter on the iPhone, and now it is available as a desktop App. If Twitter conversations piss you off to no end, and the interface enrages you, Tweetie may be your answer to those problems as well as ignoring people on Twitter whose Tweets you don’t care about! It does cost $14.95 so beware those of you who are wallet challenged!

How To Use Twitter, A Few Tips:

  • Getting answers- You would be shocked how many people will answer your questions if you put it out into the Twittersphere. People are BORED and love to help. As well if you know someone is an expert at something, see if they have a Twitter and message them, it may get you, your answer!
  • Use it as a Trigger for Ping.FM to update your Myspace/Facebook/Blog- Instead of writing your status update 5 times across numerous social networks use Ping.FM and Twitter to just do it one time!
  • Use it to keep conversation light- I have turned off the ability to message me on Myspace. I can’t check 5 Social Networks a day and at first I was skeptical to join Twitter since it was another way to contact me. Now I enjoy not writing long messages back to people and unlike a text I don’t have to answer it right away!
  • Follow People You Think Are Cool- One of the coolest things about Twitter is you can get inside the mind of people who you don’t know but admire. Todd and I are both big Tim Ferriss fans so I keep up with his Twitter on a daily basis since he always shows off cool things that are on his mind!
  • Get feedback on what you are thinking- Do you have a thought but aren’t too sure about it? Twitter is a great way to get feedback on an idea!
  • DON’T TWITTER WHAT YOU ATE FOR LUNCH- People will stop following you and if the idea is to communicate your idea and promote yourself this will surely get people with no tolerance for your BS to take a hike.
  • Link Cool Stuff- If you think this article is cool, TWITTER IT! Find a video of a woman getting eaten by Polar Bears and think it’s cool, TWITTER IT! Read a Matt Taibbi article you like and want everyone to know about it, TWITTER IT!

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Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.