The Musician’s Guide To Twitter: Making Your Followers Count Tools To Make It Faster Part 7

@oprah.jpgIn our last Twitter tutorial we discussed how to follow people and turn them into fans of your music. This time we have some ideas on how you can do this even faster and suggest some websites that will help ease the pain of following and un-following people. Be sure to read our last tutorial before you follow me to the jump and learn how to make fast followers on Twitter.

We last discussed how effectively following a similar artists Twitter followers can be to get your music heard. While all of the methods we spelled out are fast and effective there are a few websites that can make this process even faster. Before we get started let’s establish a few things:

  • This process is only effective if you have a great Twitter background, you enable the Direct Message for all of your followers, and you follow another artist that has fans that would be interested in you
  • Twitter has warned they may delete you if you are doing fast follows and unfollows. So do this at your own risk. We HIGHLY recommend waiting a week to unfollow anyone who didn’t follow you anyway since we still see people we followed checking out our artists 7-10 days later at almost an equal rate to the second day of the process. Be like Axl and have a little patience.

The first tool we have for you to is FlashTweet. Before we go forth we must warn you this is a paid website there is a trial membership which automatically re-bills at $6.95 per month until canceled, so beware if you aren’t interested in this thing and skip to the next tools below. FlashTweet allows you to do a simple trick that we find very valuable. You can go to whichever artist whose followers you would like to follow and simply click the “check all button” and then “bulk follow” and follow up to 100 at a time. This makes it very fast to follow tweeters and dramatically speeds up the process compared to the last way we describe.

If you want to use FlashTweet you need to register and then provide a payment method. You won’t be charged immediately but you will if you do not cancel in 14 days. Once you do that add a Twitter account and then choose Mass Follow. Simply type in a artist to follow or even a search term. For example, if you want to follow everyone who has tweeted about a certain artist with an indentifiable name you could do that as well. We suggest starting at the highest number page and work back since this is where the early fans signed up and it is easier to keep track of you have already followed if you are going to come back to this profile again.
Flashtweet.pngThe one downside to using FlashTweet is you will friend countless porn stars, spammers and people who haven’t ever tweeted. While our method from the last tutorial is slower it can be much more effective for those of you who don’t ever want to unfollow anyone. If you want to unfollow people and make it effective read below.

If you want to be able to follow people after you hit 2,000 you have to get rid of some. One of the easiest things to do is unfollow people who never tweet. Since a large portion of Twitter joins and then never does anything with their account it is fine to purge these people since they will be of no use to you. UnTweeps makes this very easy. All you need to do is type in your login and set how many days you would like to consider people to be stale after not tweeting. We used the default of 30. For every 1,000 people we have followed we find that about 150 of them haven’t tweeted in 30+ days. That’s a lot of stale tweets. With about 4 clicks and 2 minutes of you time you can trash all of them. Pretty cool but there is one problem – this will delete all of the people that follow you back as well if they don’t twitter which can be insulting and lead to an un-follow. For a gentler method go below.

Do you want to massively purge everyone you follow but doesn’t follow you? TwitterKarma provides an easy interface to see who you are following but doesn’t follow you back. You can see their names easily to pull this off and see if they are not an avid twitter user if you want to purge them. Note that FlashTweet offer a similar service without the listing of when someone last tweeted.

This process is simple to do, simply provide you Twitter ID and password, then click hide avatars (it will make the site run faster), and then click the button that says “Whack!” After the site loads – which can take a few minutes – simply click the option for “Only Followers”. You can choose to check all of the people who aren’t following you back, the one’s who haven’t updated recently or you can click check all and uncheck all of your “friends” who don’t follow you back.


That is about it for our new tricks, again be warned that fast follows and unfollows could get you suspended. Be slow and effective!

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.