The Musician’s Guide To Twitter: Getting You/Your Band On Twitter (And Why You Need To Do It Right Now)Part 1

Twitter! TWITTER! Tweeting! SRSLY! WTF?!?!? Yes, even your Dad is doing this right now. Old curmudgeons like John McCain are even doing this. Now everyone is telling you that you/your band has to join Twitter (does this mean you become a Twit???) or else you will never succeed and fail at all your hopes and dreams and end up a loser like, ughhhh, JOHN MCCAIN! Seriously though, I still hate Twitter and have committed the next few hours of my life to why we need to be on Twitter and how to get there. Let’s do this together!

OK I lied, I have been on Twitter for a while. I don’t use it too much though, and everyone tells me that I don’t get it. Well, it is time to get it!

I am going to start with a list of why you need to get on Twitter. Hopefully this will convince both of us:
  • Your fans are there waiting for you
  • It is a really fast and easy way to tell your fans what you are up to
  • Your fans aren’t yet burned out by every band trying to be their friend YET(ACT FAST!)
  • This is a great way to show off your band’s personality and bond with your fans
  • It is a fantastic way to network and bond with fans, other bands/musicians and other industry types
Okay so now that you are convinced go here. Sign up for Twitter using an email address you are going to stick with! Choose a name that tells people who you are. Get while the getting is good, so you don’t have a stupid name that isn’t going to come up high in searches. Now FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE. People are cruising around this thing all day looking at posts and deciding who to be friends with. If you don’t fill out your profile and put up a picture the odds that anyone who is going to care about you are minimal. Be sure to list your website as someone where people can hear your music! You also want to make a wallpaper for your background to make it look all nice and snazzy! 

Next you need some friends. Click “follow” on a few peoples profiles. Here are your first 3:

Now we need to make a post! Just start off saying Hello! In the next segment we will get into what you should be twittering about. 

Get on your website/myspace/facebook/mailing list etc. and start telling them about your awesome new Twitter acount. Send out bulletins and put a permanent link to your Twitter on all your other sites and promote it! 

Now start to find your own friends on there! Look up bands you have played with, your friends bands, friends in the industry, superfans etc. 

This should get you started gaining some friends in this Twitter game, as people see your profile they will add you. Next time we will discuss what you do now that you are here.

photo by flickr user jmilles

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.