The Musician’s Guide To Twitter: Advanced Twitter Techniques(Getting Your Music On Twitter)Part 3

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We are Twits! We Twitter! We have followers! We are following other Twits! We are a part of this totally awesome new social community and no longer have a social life! So, what else do we do? What are the tricks to promoting ourselves, managing our Tweeting time, and how do we sort through all these Tweets? Follow me!

Follow And Lead
You should follow everyone who follows you! This is not your fathers Facebook/Myspace where everyone who follows you is not automatically your friend. You need to click on your “Followers” Tab and then click “Follow” on everyone who is following you. When you do this you end up on your fans Followers list, which all of their friends look at instead of working at their job all day! This gets you/your band to be more familiar and helps with name branding. You are now presented with the problem that you are now seeing all your stupid fans talking about what they ate for breakfast. Sounds like you need some help from our next subject.
Tweet Decks
TweetDeck is an application for Mac and Windows that makes sorting through the spam, self-indulgence, and all around uselessness out of Twitter. Tweetdeck will separate the BS from the goodstuff for you. Now you may be one of those on-the-go types and do your Tweeting from your iPhone/Android/Blackberry. Never fear! There are great Apps like Tweetie to sort through the mess. Look in your phones App Store to see what is available and to our friends at, for guides on which Apps are beating the rest, since this information is changing fast.
Your Phone
As mentioned before Twitter loves being interactive with your phone and will text you for a variety of different reasons. If you want to have Twitter invade another facet of your life simply go under the devices tab in your profile and start enabling some features!
I already told you about how awesome Ping.FM is back here. If you don’t want to devote your life to having to devote each social network individually, use this site to update them all at once! This site is an amazing resource!
Your Music and Twitter
You know how you can link to websites and pictures on Twitter with Tinyurl or Tinypic? You can also link your songs! Here are a few sites that will help you get your music out on Twitter.
Blip.Fm is a awesome site in and of itself! It gets even more awesome with the ability to broadcast your own music to Twitter. is a site where you can also upload your music without all the bells and whistles of Blip.FM. They even Tweet it for you!
Other Twitter Tools
Here is a list of bands on Twitter.
Twitterfall is a easy way to filter Twitter. This is a great way to search for how people are reacting to say, the song you just posted on myspace. It is a live up to the minute search! 
That is what I have for now. Please share any tips and tricks in the comments you have for Twitter in the future!

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Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.