The Musician’s Guide To Facebook Band Pages: Promoting Your Band On Facebook Part 3

leftgroup.jpgAKA How To Use Facebook Like Myspace

A month after we gave the dirt on how to
get your bands Facebook page going, the world of technology has changed fast. We are back to give you an update on some of the way to promote your music on Facebook. Be warned they don’t make it easy!

Before You Do Anything!
Does your band have a mailing list? Export a contact file from whatever mailing list software you use. Every member of your band should upload this contact file to Facebook and invite these people to be your Facebook friend. Yes, you will have to read about what they ate for lunch, and every stupid quiz they take, but it’s all for the promotion of your band. More on how this will promote your band later!

What Happened To iLike?
Facebook decided to change the name of this App to Music. Not to be confused with the other App called Music. I know, as usual Facebook made thing confusing.

iLike Music Alternatives

Some people are not fond of the standard music player that is already installed in Facebooks band pages. There are a few other options for those of you who want to go your own way.

If your band is already on iMeem, you can put yourself on Facebook using their widget. They can be played anywhere you can access your Facebook profile.

ReverbNation is a great alternative to Music. The “Dig it?” function allows other users to share your music with other users of the App and is one way you can promote your band on Facebook. You could esily mobilise your fans to click this button for you often!
If your band is already on Last.FM, you can put yourself on Facebook using their widget. I have some friends who complain about the audio fidelity of this App, but I have not discerned a difference.

MP3 Player

If you want to simply upload tracks from your computer, this is the App to do it. It is very simple to use, without a lot of options.

How Do I Promote My Band The Way I Did On My Space?!?!?
This is the burning question! Myspace gave us all very obvious ways of promoting to everyone on the network that would and wouldn’t ever want to hear your band. How do you do this?

1. Sharing From Your Personal Profile – Click “Share” and share the page with all of your friends. Tell them that you’ll only send out a message a week at the most. Most of your friends will add themselves in to the new band page. Remember when we imported your mailing list into Facebook and you start to become friends with tons of people you have never met? Now all these people who signed up for your mailing list – you know your fans – know that your have a Band Page and can become your fan!

2. Send Out Status Updates And Invites For Important Events – Keep in mind people have less of a tolerance for constant BS in this department then they did on Myspace. If you update your status with constant retarded Spam updates then you are bound to be unfriended. Shows/New Songs Up/ Tour Announcements are all acceptable, where as “driving through Montana” is not.

3. When You Upload Music Your Fans Get Notified – If you use Facebooks iLike/Music App, everytime you upload a song your fans get a notice, this encourages you to constantly switch the songs you have up in your profile to keep your band on your fans radar.

4. Promote Externally!!! – You should be posting myspace bulletins about your bands Facebook page, link it everywhere you can including Twitter. In the event that Myspace’s traffic dies even more, you will have ported all your fans over to Facebook to still be in the loop about what you are doing. 

5. Use iLike/Music To Spam Add Friends – iLike’s website has a great tip on how to do this!

“First, keep in mind that on Facebook there is a distinction between your artist page (within iLike) and your user profile. Your artist page
is where you collect fans, that’s where they can find your music,
concert information, etc, and you use the iLike artist dashboard to
post bulletins via iCast, etc. The user profile is your Facebook page as a real person, it’s not your actual band/artist page. If you want to promote yourself by
sending fan-invitations to strangers, you can do that using your
Facebook user profile, whether you are the artist yourself or whether
you are a promoter. However, you shouldn’t bother trying to collect
“friends” of your Facebook user-profile in order to build a fan-base.
Why? Because Facebook will prevent you from growing beyond 5,000
friends. Instead, you should use your Facebook user-profile to build
“fans” of your artist page. Here’s how:

To get a random facebook user to add themselves as a fan of your
artist, first you should find that random user and click the link to
“Message” them:


Next, attach your music to your message. Note, this
method may or may not work as Facebook continues to change their
messaging features and policies.  To attach your music you need to send
two messages to the user, back to back, because
Facebook doesn’t allow attaching music to the first message. So
introduce yourself in the first message, and in the second message,
click the “Add Music” button.


Once you find your song and attach it, it will go in the message like this:


In the message text, you can ask the recipient to
click the link for “iLike this artist”. Each time a user clicks that
link, you got a new fan! :-)   It’s not as easy to invite fans as it is
on MySpace, but that’s a good thing – instead of sending a spammy and
impersonal friend-request, you can write a real message, introduce
yourself, and attach a song, so it’s a much better experience for the

6. Use Icast To Keep Your Fans Up To Date! – I am going to quote iLike again!

From your artist dashboard on iLike, use the “iCast” tab to stay in
touch with fans. iCast is like a cross between your MySpace bulletins,
MySpace blog, and YouTube. You can post text, audio, photos, or video
to your iCast. Each iCast post shows up on your artist page (blog
style), and your fans also get notified about your post.


It’s very important to use your iCast to send personal messages, not just promotional and marketing stuff. A
text post that just says “hey, we’re touring tomorrow night and check
out the new album” will come off as spam. Besides, if you enter your
concert information on iLike we will automatically notify your fans
about local concerts, targeted to those fans closest to each concert
(that is, if you’re touring from city to city).

It’s a lot better to include an actual video clip (for example, the
lead singer, talking directly to fans), or an audio clip (maybe an
impromptu acoustic recording of a new song), all of which will make
your iCast posts a lot more interesting for your fans.

If your iCast ends up being a familiar, personal way for your top
fans to hear from you, then they will appreciate reading them and you
can include the promotional messages about tours, new releases, and
merchandise in the mix. Please, don’t make it entirely promotional.
Keep in mind we’re going to give iLike users a very simple tool to
“manage artist notifications”, and users will automatically opt out of
messages from artists who post too often or with too much marketing

7. Use Widgets To Promote Your Band! – There are many sites like Gigya that will let you make widgets you can share on many Social Networks including Facebook. The one below is for kick ass band The Early Hours, who I learned of from this very widget!

8. Link Your iTunes In Notes! – Keep in mind from your personnel profile you can post notes and like web addresses. One of the best thing you can do from time to time is link record by getting the HTML address of your album on iTunes!

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Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

  • Eric Coomer

    So, at this point, do you think it’s better to have a page where people can become fans, or to set up a separate account where you can request friends and send emails?
    I’ve noticed some other bands doing this and, although we already have a page at I’m wondering if it might make more sense to create a whole account.

  • Parablue

    I still don’t understand the part about adding fans to facebook band page using message (via iLike music)=> 5. Use iLike/Music To Spam Add Friends
    If strangers click on iLike and become a fan on iLike page, how do they become fans on my facebook artist/band page??? Wouldn’t it be better if i send a message asking them to be a fan with a URL link to my facebook artist/band page???