The Musician’s Guide To Creating A Band Facebook Page: The Basics Part 1

facebook19.pngUnless you are living under a rock you may have heard Facebook is taking over! Now nearly double the size of Myspace, Facebook is still not quite as friendly to bands, but with all those people on there, it is time to get your band on there. We will help you navigate through Facebook‘s confusing landscape and get a great profile for your band!

Ed note:
This Is Not A Facebook Group
Some people looked at me a little crossed in the last article since
they have already made a Facebook Group for their band. A Facebook
Group does not have half the potential a band profile does, it is very
important that if you have a Facebook group you link it to your new
Band Page.

Setting Up A Profile

Like we said before, Facebook is very unfriendly to its gazillion users. The first thing we need to do is login to Facebook using the profile your normally use to login. Now you are at that screen where all your friends post about what they ate for lunch. Click this link here. You now want to choose the item Artist and Band button. If you are a musician you should choose that tab. If you are a solo artist you can go either way. Then you need to type in your bands name. Remember that this is not Myspace, you need to write your band name not “YOUR BAND NAME (HAS NEW SONGS)”. Click “Create Page” and you have a new Facebook Page. 
Now What Do I Do?
  • Add a Photo- If no one knows who you are, I suggest using a picture or logo associated with your band. This means do not use the picture of your drummer barfing all over his fling in Ohio. When people are on Facebook, they will see people becoming fans of your band in the newsfeed, the more recognizable your band is in that stream the more likely they will recognize you and “friend” you. 
  • Click “Edit Page”- Once you do this, you have a lot of options! In our next blog we will cover the more advanced parts of this process. 
  • Make Yourself A Fan!- I hope you are a fan of your band, so make your self the first fan. This will get added in to the newsfeed and your friends will see you now have a page for your band and hopefully they will add your band. If you have your doubts, you may wanna give them a nudge by posting a new “note”, announcing your page. 
So now you made yourself a spiffy profile and logged out of Facebook. Now let me tell you what happens next: you will login and have no idea how to go back and get to that band page again! Facebook is so user-friendly! Anyway, I am here to help – scroll to the bottom and click the “Page Manager” button (see pic below) and then you will get to the screen pictured below where you will want to click the button that says “Pages” this will bring you to a choice of your pages. You can now select your bands page! Whew!

In the next part of this series we will discuss all the bells and whistles to put in to your profile. In the meantime here are some bands with quite a few bells and whistles to their profiles for you to start researching till our next lesson:

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

  • theaudiodivision

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought Facebook’s organization style was a mess! I saw a few musicians on there and I could never figure this out. thanks man

  • gokul

    I could create 3 artist page as I did not know it was published already. lol
    unfortunately i dont find the pagemanger icon on the bottom
    Kindly help me.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much

  • Michael Millhouse

    so i can not add people from the band page, I can only “advertise” and wait for people to become a fan? is that how it works? i am trying to understand. thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the information.
    However, is it possible as a BAND to have more than 5000 friends (fans) and to invite them to events you created or can you only select the list of friends (max 5000) of the person you are logged in as (that one who made the band profile)?

  • Anonymous

    facebook is so ****ing stupid with creating artists profiles. i’ve made mine a few times, I click on edit profile, all of a sudden I can’t get back to it and its making another profile. So ****ing frustrating

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