The Most Popular DAW Software (If You Use Google As A Measurement)


Digital Music Doctor, is a very oddly designed site that tracks the most popular DAWs of each quarter. Four times a year they tally Google results to measure which software is getting the most attention. I would also argue that some of these numbers may show how many people are having problems with each piece of software. From my experience, Cubase and Sonar may have a higher rank due to their very unconventional interface. Whereas Garageband may get fewer searches since it is quite easy to use and most people know where to get information on Apple products. As well, some of this software is very popular with entry level users who are going to ask countless questions, whereas once you are going with a product like Ableton, you can cruise for quite a while. None the less the findings are definitely interesting.
Most Popular DAW Software By Search
  1. Pro Tools
  2. FL Studio
  3. Cubase
  4. Sonar
  5. Logic
  6. Audition
  7. Garageband
  8. SoundForge
  9. Ableton
  10. Digital Performer

More at Digital Music Doctor… (via hypebot)

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