The KLF: How To Have A #1 The Easy Way

The KLF aka The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu were a House Group from the early 90′s who pioneered such genres as “Stadium House” and “Ambient House”. Anyone musically conscience at the time knew many of their hit songs (whose videos we have complied after the jump). In addiction to pioneering many modern production techniques and genres of music, they gave the music industry two AMAZING moments. The first of which is the above YouTube where they decided instead of performing at the Brit Awards to have crust punks, Extreme Noise Terror perform instead, concluding the performance by opening fire upon the audience with a machine gun filled with blanks. This was their retirement from the music industry and one hell of a send off. The second thing they gave us is a true gift of both laughter and truth. The manual they published entitled How To Have A Number One The Easy Way. This manual now is a bit ancient (ba-dum-crash!) but still has some relevent information. I will caution you that you will probably not learn how to have a numbe one song from it. Aside from the few truths it does contain, it is absolutely hilarious and a must read for anyone who enjoys the humor of this silly industry.

KLF!!!! UH HUH!!!!! UH HUH!!!!!

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