The Keyboard – A Singers Best Friend: Writing Melodies Part 2


In this new series we will discuss the importance of a singer having
an electronic keyboard and the many things it can do to make you a
better singer.

Yesterday, we told you about how a keyboard can help you practice your pitch. Today, we will give you one of the best kept secrets to writing a great melody. The keyboard can be one of the greatest tools for writing a melody around. Even if you write your vocal melody with your voice first, playing it on keyboard can often show you other options and expose weakness in the melodies composition. When you hear your vocal melody back on a keyboard it can easily expose if you have made something that sounds a little to complicated or odd. One of the perfect example of this in action are those 8-Bit ringtones you hear on cheap cell-phones. If you are trying to write a classic pop song, one of the marks that it will work will be the abilitu to translate as a ringtone. If your song is unrecognisable and falls apart in this format odds are it is never going to stand up to mass consumption.

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