The Economist Debates Copywrite!


If you are not familar with The Economist, don’t be ashamed. It is definitely some of the highest level of political/financial nerdery ever put to print. My girlfriend recieves a free subscription that we both stare at blankly whenever we attempt to figure out what in the hell they are talking about. Despite never really reading the articles, it makes us look smart to anyone who comes over and assumes we read it. Anyway, there is an awesome new debate on their website about the merits of copyright law. In this day and age where everyone is getting very excited about Open Source and Creative Commons, this debate so far has been very insightful as to where to go from here. For members of the music industry, this is a great read as you try to figure out how you would like to distribute your music in the future. Plus, if anyone sees you reading it you seem reallllllyyyy smart!

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