The Dead Weather Make A FAQ YouTube So They Never Have To Answer Dumb Questions Again

I know, I know we seem more like a The Dead Weather, NIN, Metric, etc fan page everyday, but some bands just get it… Anyway, The Dead Weather have put out a video that answers all the dumb questions that bands get asked by inexperienced interviewers so that they can hopefully point to the video and avoid the thing that bands hate doing on tour – answering dumb questions. Making a mockery of the interviews they do and getting all of the info out there for anyone who would actually wants to know this mind numbing garbage. Hopefully this video will save them and other from the torture of answering what flavor of ice cream is their favorite. 

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Dead Weather. The media will agree to stop asking boring and predictable questions if you agree to stop making boring and predictable throw-back rock songs…

  • Anonymous

    Wow, these guys are really cool…. At least when Josh Homme is a cynical ******* he’s funny.