The 19 Musformation Reads You Shouldn’t Have Missed This Week 7/23/10


  1. How
    Man Overboard Made Their Record Leak Turn Into A Good Thing
  2. Martin
    Atkins At The New Music Seminar 2010 (Part 1)
  3. Derek
    Sivers On Perspectives On Value
  4. Oh
    Sleeper Explains Why You Can’t Win As A Mid-Level Touring Band
  5. Nimbit
    Discusses Fan Interaction At The New Music Seminar 2010
  6. How
    To Tell How Loud Your Record Should Be
  7. Big
    Champagne Launches The Ultimate Chart
  8. Headliner
    FM Offering New Features To Promote Your Music
  9. How
    Bandcamp Will Handle Free Downloads Now That They Will Be Charging
  10. Planning
    Far Ahead Is A Waste Of Time
  11. Courtney
    Holt Discusses Future Of Myspace Music At New Music Seminar 2010
  12. Veoba
    Offers CD + LP Manufcaturing, Online Distro, Merch, A Venue Datasbase
    And More
  13. Metric
    Use Facebook Share’s To Unlock Extra Content
  14. Ditto
    Music Launch 24 Hour iTunes Service
  15. MUST
    READ – Your Future in Music Depends on What You Know, Not Who You Know
  16. Who
    Are The Millenials
  17. MOG
    Launches Mobile App
  18. Finding
    A Good Manager – Avoid The Yes Men
  19. GuGuChu
    Launches It’s First Generation Of Widgets

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