The INCORRECT Way To Network: Part 1

34440274If you are going to blindly send emails to labels, managers, agents etc, with the intent to network your band, don’t do this:

“We are looking for help getting on bigger bills and our first tour.  Please let me know if you’d be interested in helping us”.

This kind of email does not inspire anyone to click on a link to listen to your music and discover that you have 146 YouTube views and 322 Facebook likes. The industry is not about music it’s about stats. Only when your band is of value and appears to be a returnable investment will those in power be willing to “help” you… and at that point, they’ll be finding you anyway.

Blasko has been a recording and touring musician since he was 16 years old. His credible career began with the seminal hardcore thrash band Cryptic Slaughter signed to Metal Blade Records in 1985. The band released 3 records for the label between 1986 and 1988. In time he eventually went on to become the bass player for such heavy metal heavy weights as Danzig, Rob Zombie and since 2003, Ozzy Osbourne. He co-founded the artist management and marketing company Mercenary Management, Inc in early 2005. He currently manages the career of Black Veil Brides and handles marketing for guitar icon Zakk Wylde.   You can find him on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.