GET MORE FANS: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business

Musformation Presents The DIY Guide To The New Music Business Coming December 2012!

How Do I Promote My Music On A Small Budget?
How Do I Get My YouTube Videos to Spread?
How Do I Turn Casual Fans Into One’s Who Buy From Me?
How Do I Get Written About On Blogs?
How Do I Increase Turnout At Shows?
How Do I Make Fans Using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr And SoundCloud?
All answered by people who have helped musicians go from zero fans to making a living from their music.

With every day that passes, the power the major labels once had, dies a little more. The chance for you to get the same exposure as your favorite musicians gets easier and easier. The hurdles that would only allow you to get popular, if the right people said your music was good enough, are gone. You can now get exposed to thousands of potential fans without investing 1% of what musicians used to by building a fanbase based on listeners love for your music and the relationships you’ve built with them. No more writing letters hoping that some A&R or booking agent writes you back, those days are done and this book explains how you do it.


While many books will tell you obvious information, legal mumbo-jumbo and marketing catchphrases that don’t help you get more fans. Our experience working with real bands – from upstarts like Man Overboard and Transit to legends like The Cure, The Misfits and Animal Collective, has led us to understand the insider tricks and ideas that go into some of the most important groups of our time. We produce records, do licensing deals, negotiate record contracts and get the musicians we work with written about on websites like Pitchfork and Vice. We have worked with bands who started off as nothing and became something. Everything we learned in that process is in this book.


Whether you just want to get heard by more people or be the biggest band in the world, this book contains the ideas, tools and knowledge that can help you get there. Unlike any other book written on the subject we have compiled the knowledge no one else has been willing to print in fear of obsoleting their own career. We give you thousands of ideas on how to get people to hear your music and turn them into fans who pay to support your music. Whether you are a label owner, musician, manager, booking agent or publicist there is information in this book that will help you do what you do better. Enjoy!


Featuring all of the the regular content we post on a daily basis and TONS more including.


The Flat Playing Field Of The Music Business Today
How Do I Get More People To Hear My Music?
How Do I Get More Fans?
Building Relationships
Building Quality Fans
What Turns Listeners From Potential Fans Into Your Fans
Grassroots Promotions
Building A Great Team
Managing Your Group
Organizing Your Contacts For Years To Come
Using Direct To Fan And Fan Management Tools
Targeting Potential Fans
Staying In The News Cycle
Making A Press Calendar
Getting Written About On Blogs
Promoting Your Music
Making A Great Video
Planning Your Recording
Playing Live
Booking Shows
Promoting Shows
Properly Promoting A Tour
Getting More Fans To Shows
Selling More Merch At Shows
Selling Merch Online
Managing The Money You Make
Using Crowdfunding To Fund Your Next Record
Using Your Email List
Making A Great Website
Using Social Networks
Raising Awareness With Facebook
Building Relationships With Twitter
Feeding Fans With Tumblr
Getting Your Music Heard With SoundCloud
Using Pinterest, Turntable.FM and Instagram
Using HypeMachine And Reddit To Promote Your Music
YouTube The Most Ignored Yet Important Place For Music
Graphic Design For Your Music
Press Photos
Writing Your Bio
Online Distribution
Using Torrents To Promote Your Music
Online Radio
Making Terrestrial Radio Promotions Cheap And Effective
Licensing Your Music
Publishing Your Music

Everything You Need To Know About:
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