Taking Advantage Of Hype Machine’s Potential For Promoting Your Music

In the past we have discussed how to use The Hype Machine to find blogs to write about your music, but once a blog does write about you, how can you make it so that this opportunity becomes a quantum event instead of a small ripple in the pond? The answer lies in promotion as well as mobilizing your fanbase.

You may be asking yourself, what the big deal is about The Hype Machine? Let me put it simply, they have over one million registered users who are among the biggest tastemakers, DJs and cool kids who tell other cool kids in the music scene. It has a chart that these people are watching all of the time in order to discover the next great group they will tell everyone about. This means if you chart here you could have the chance to have dramatically more people hear your music. The catch is The Hype Machine aggregates thousands of blogs and you have to get featured on one of the blogs in their network in order to get put on the site and then users of the site need to “heart” your music in order for it to get on the charts. The chart also resets every couple of days so you also must act quick.

If you want to go for it, the first thing we need to do is set up a search for your group so that we know when your group makes it onto The Hype Machine. In order to do this all you need to do is go to The Hype Machine and look at the top navigation bar and type in your groups name to the “Search Blogs” field. Next it will show you if your group has been written by on any of the blogs inHype Machine’s network. Even if no one has covered you yet, you can subscribe to a RSS feed that will let you know when someone does write about you and you end up onHype Machine. Simply click the RSS button in your browser and subscribe to this search. It will now show up in your RSS Reader, if you make it on to the Hype Machine.

If you do get written about on The Hype Machine, it is now time to capitalize on this opportunity. Click the link in your RSS Reader and it will take you to a page that has your song that has been blogged on it. If you are smart, b this happens you , your bandmates friends and family should all sign up for The Hype Machine and participate on it. Click hearts on songs you like and be a part of the community. If you do this you can have an army of friends who can heart your song and help drive it up the chart. The other way you can promote music is to have your friends tweet a link to this page and you can rank high on their Twitter chart. Just be sure to not sign up tons of fake accounts to make this happen, since they watch out for this. Instead encourage your fans to be members of the community and if you make it on there then make sure you post on all of your social networks and get people ramping you up the charts. Good luck!

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

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