Try Humming To Get Your Vocal Melody

hummingbird_songwriting_tips_musformation.jpgSometimes way before you ever start adding actual lyrics, you need to figure out what your melody is going to be.  Different artists approach this different ways, but I find for myself, if I write the melody first (or at least in conjunction with the lyrics) I’m much better off and the songs come across as much more melodic and memorable.  Sometimes the best way to write a vocal melody is just to hum it.  Although often times a guitar or keyboard can help, there is a chance you will simply go back to some well-worn chords you know instead of trying something new.  Try just humming and see what kind of melody you get.  In addition, you might find that your lyrics improve when you do things this way.  Writing lyrics often proves difficult because the process is so open ended.  Having a pre-set vocal melody allows you to have some boundaries and challenges you to be creative to fit things in (instead of mangling a melody to fit some lyrics in).  While doing things the other way around can often work to its own effect, writing the vocal melody first often produces a more melodic result. Those lovable ’90s clowns
Crash Test Dummies used humming as their actual chorus and it seemed to be pretty memorable as well – a mega hit song with no lyrics in the chorus.  Not our favorite song (although still damn catchy), hopefully you see the point.