Sometimes The Gear Doesn’t Matter

The_Clash_-_The_Story_Of_The_Clash__Vol_1.jpgAt this site we go on a lot about gear and I don’t think that will ever stop.  But one thing to remember is that it isn’t always the gear that makes the difference – it’s more about what you do with it.  If you own The Story Of The Clash on that archaic medium of CD, you’ve probably read the linear notes at one point.  One memorable story that was recounted there happened after a Clash gig where Devo, who had attended the show, came round (red flower pot hats and all) asking everyone what amps The Clash were using to get “that sound”.  The Clash’s engineer Sandy Pearlman replied that wasn’t what they were playing, it was more about how they were banging on the instruments that made the difference.  Just because it says Fender or Boss doesn’t mean you’re going to be Kurt Cobain (or insert whatever self-loathing rockstar who you’d drink the Koolaid for).  I’ve owned dozens of guitars and after doing plenty of experiments and spending tons of money I’m currently playing a cheap hollow body I bought for $200 about 8 years ago – it just happens to work well for my playing.  There is certain gear I will always stand by, but don’t get caught up in brands or “ideas of sound” as opposed to how things really affect your band’s sound.