Social Network Strategy – Be Present But Don’t Link

Ping.FM.jpgOne of the biggest pains of being in the music business today is that there is a million sites that you can put up content on. While these sites can help spread the word about your music, sometimes it is best not to draw attention to them. What do I mean by draw attention to them? These days every band puts up links on their Myspace, website and email signature to every social network in the world. My qualm is that many of these sites you should never direct anyone to because they do not allow you to keep in touch with the fans that go there.

Got a Pure Volume page? Great! If someone is browsing around Pure Volume they can now find you, but the problem is if they do and like you how do you get them to stay in touch and buy music from the store that you want them to be buying it from? There is no easy way! This is why I suggest being present on these sites, but never linking them. Instead link to sites like Myspace, Facebook, Reverb Nation and your blog/webpage where you can put mailing list widgets up as well as widgets to buy and listen to your music from your favorite stores.

PureVolume isn’t the only one that is guilty of this crime, I can’t say I am happy with many of the social networks flexibility. As much as Myspace is demeaned they allow you to keep fans updated. Anyone who still logins in to their Myspace has the potential to see bulletins, status updates or click on your profile and easily see other ways to follow you (same with Facebook). This is not the case for many other social networks and music sites. While these sites all have benefits of being present on, you do not to wear the badge that you are there. Simply let the sites that do not allow you to capture fans and keep in touch with them to exist without advertisement. The only sites you should be promoting are the ones that allow you to keep in touch with your fans and anyone who potentially comes across your music and likes it.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.