Skrillex Is One Of The Most Popular Musicians On Earth And Has Never Put Out An LP

For years, we have been writing about how you can use smaller releases like singles and EPs to stay in the newscycle. When I was out the other night, I had a conversation with a friend who said his band needed to release an LP in order to really build a fanbase. I was immediately taken aback since I found this to be profoundly untrue. It then hit me – Whether you like him or not it in inarguable that Skrillex may be one of the most popular musicians of 2012. To this date he has only released two EPs and a bunch of singles. Five years ago, to be recognised as one of the most popular musicians around  you would need to release an LP. That is no longer the case.

Musicians who make smaller releases, more often are able to stay in the newscycle and allow themselves to make more connections with fans more often. Each time they put out another song it is big news, instead of the once every year or two splash of a new album that only leaves a ripple in the pond for a short time. Where as, releasing more music, more often is keeping the water rippling with a buzz for your music. The newscycle in music moves faster and faster.

A great read on some of the ways musicians are using EPs – I highly suggest a great article from Michaelangelo Matos on the subject.

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